IBRA News 3.7.2022 – Support for club trips

(wm-pcp) This support for interested clubs was already considered three years ago, and has now been reactivated by the BDPh board. According to Walter Bernatek, treasurer of the BDPh and IBRA: “It is important to the entire IBRA team to develop this event into a place of encounter for stamp collectors in Germany with the international exhibition competition, the exciting special shows, the lectures of the IBRA Academy and, last but not least, the trade fair part with a large trade offer as well as the large stand of Deutsche Post as the centre of attention. Together with clubs and their members, we would like to promote our wonderful hobby in Essen and together we will show the social opportunities it offers for young and old alike.”

Bernatek does not leave it at nice words. Thanks to a budget of 10,000 euros from the Foundation for the Promotion of Philately and Postal History, he announced that clubs travelling together by bus or train would receive a maximum subsidy of 100 euros per club for distances up to 250 kilometres, 200 euros for distances over 250 kilometres and even 300 euros for distances over 500 kilometres. This should be a noticeable and welcome reduction in costs for many planning a club trip in 2023.

Several clubs have already registered and for everyone else it is“first come, first served”! Because at some point, even this “club pot” of IBRA 2023 will be exhausted. Interested clubs should therefore register early with Walter Bernatek so that they can take advantage of their membership of the BDPh. Walter Bernatek will then immediately send them the registration forms and further information.

IBRA News 28.06.2022 – IBRA 2023 in Essen: Helpers wanted!

(Thomas Höpfner) IBRA 2023 will take place in Essen from 25 to 28 May – that’s still a long time away. Nevertheless, we have already started planning the personnel requirements. There are many places where help or even personal presence is needed. Above all, inserting and dismantling the exhibits is a “huge task” considering the 2,800 frames that IBRA will show.

And this is where you come in: register as a helper by email at Helfer@ibra2023.de and let us know when you are available and what task(s) you are interested in. We have listed the areas of work with working times and task descriptions for you:


Period Work area Task description
22.5.23 Frame erection, Supervision of frame erection according to
hall plan, recording of damage cases
23-24.5.23 Inserting exhibits, key service
25-28.5.23 Stand service, support of the IBRA team, e.g. BDPh stand, sales stand for IBRA catalogue and covers, e.g. support of the commissioners, assistance Forum for Philately
28-29.5.23 Dismantling exhibits, key service
30.5.23 Supervising the dismantling of frames, recording of damage


If you sign up as a helper, we will first register you and confirm this by email. Towards the end of this year, we will begin to assign all helpers to their respective areas of responsibility. At that time, the IBRA team member responsible for the respective area will contact you. Before that, you can of course ask questions or request further information.

You are welcome to inform yourself about IBRA on our homepage www.ibra2023.de – there you will also find the call for helpers as well as any further news about the helpers.

Thomas Höpfner, IBRA Team

IBRA News 26.6.2022 – IBRA 2023 in Essen: The APHV joins in!

(wm-pcp) At the APHV General Meeting on 18 June 2022 in Bonn, President Wolfgang Lang introduced IBRA and already outlined the support that the dealers’ association intends to give to the World Fair in Essen with advertising and reporting in the APHV magazine and in its newsletters, with invitations to its members to participate, but also with direct promotion of the very area that is of particular importance for the trade as well as for philately as a whole in Germany: the youth sector. He also called for cooperation between the accessory publishers and IBRA 2023, because only together we can achieve greater things in times that are not easy.

The APHV will not have its own stand at the exhibition or trade fair this time, but will have a joint stand with the Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarken-Versteigerer (BDB) in the “Zentrum Philatelie” “Philately Centre”. This follows the wise insight that, on the one hand, almost all APHV board members are represented with their own stands in the area of the International Stamp Fair, but a singular “distribution stand” would not do justice to the APHV’s concern either. The customary assessment (“valuation”) of the collections brought by visitors can be carried out both at the BPP stand (in the exhibition hall) and by the advisory team in the “Philately Centre”; not to mention the numerous specialist dealers in the exhibition. The advantage for the APHV is that it can use its resources for the benefit of the future of philately.

You can see that: The associations, especially the BDB and the APHV, are working well together and the coming months will show how productive this can be for a world exhibition.

IBRA News 23.6.2022 – Contact point for all participants – the “PHILATELY CENTRE” (ZENTRUM PHILATELIE)

(wm-pcp) As the name indicates, the “Zentrum Philatelie”, well known from all previous major fairs and many exhibitions, has always been the presence of the BDPh and the associations cooperating with it. This centre is, of course, also planned for next year’s IBRA 2023. Thanks to a concept and initial design drawing, planned details are now already foreseeable.

The “Philately Centre” will be located directly next to the spacious reading and literature area of IBRA 2023 behind the passage from Hall 8 (Hall of Trade) to Hall 7, precisely between two shorter staircases leading to the trade fair´s restaurant. Before refreshing themselves there, So everyone can take a short break and see what the associations have to offer. And that’s no small feat! For example, the exhibition catalogue as well as commemorative printed matter (postcards, envelopes, individual stamps, etc.) are available at the IBRA stand. At the front BDPh stand you can talk to the management of the association, of course you can also buy the “philatelie” as well as the BDPh book “75 Years BDPh” (2021) or other publications that are currently being prepared. The DPhJ presents the “Young Collector (Junge Sammler)” and its website, the Federal Association of German Stamp Auctioneers its free comprehensive brochure (BDB Journal) on the subject of “Auctions” with valuable tips for consignors and buyers. The stand on the right is an advisory stand of the BDPh where representatives of the “Advice Centre for Collector Protection and Counterfeit Detection” are ready with advice and assistance on counterfeit detection and more.

Wasn´t there something else? Yes, a first-ever and unique exhibition of rarities in 15 showcases on the theme “From the first collectors, dealers, clubs, associations and exhibitions to the present day”, with a lot to see (e.g. a letter from the first proven German collector). On 90 exhibition sheets you can let rarities and curiosities, but also highlights of German (association and club) philately of the last 150 and more years pass by. Look and enjoy – it’s worth it!

IBRA News 12.6.2022 – Competition exhibition, participation of ArGen, special shows

(Eric Scherer) In the meantime, the IBRA organising committee is working at full speed and the programme is gaining in shape more and more. Just take a look at the IBRA homepage. There are changes almost every week.

Here are the most important topics:

Competition exhibition:

The registration deadline is not until the end of September 2022, but according to the motto “the sooner the better”, the OC is already looking forward to receiving registrations. For all exhibitors who have not yet qualified, Naposta Online still offers a unique opportunity here.

Participation of ArGen:

As always at the stamp fairs in Essen, Sindelfingen and Ulm, IBRA offers the possibility for ArGen to present themselves at tables. The tables are provided for a handling fee of EUR 150 and are heavily subsidised. There is still enough space to register.

Special shows:

Special shows give every competition exhibition a special glance once again.

Several special shows are planned for IBRA. Among others, there will be a “Philatelic Treasure Trove”, where unique pieces from all over the world will be on display. The special show “100 Years of High Inflation” will present a topic that has made philately in Germany unique to this day. There will also be a “German-American Salon”.

Youth programme:

In cooperation with the DPhJ there are numerous youth activities. These have already been presented separately in this thread.

Support programme:

An exhibition like this is unfortunately a deficit programme. That is why IBRA needs sponsors. The sponsorship programme starts with small amounts so that everyone can participate.

IBRA News 2023 01.06.2022 – Download centre provides advertisements

(Eric Scherer) IBRA 2023 is an event for all philatelists. Its success is important for the entire philatelic community. This also makes advertising increasingly important.

Print an advertisement for IBRA in your club news, newsletters or ArGe circulars.

You can find advertisements in various formats here.

Send us (BDPh office) a specimen copy or simply take a photo for us and we will mention your club, ArGe or organisation in the exhibition catalogue and thank you for your support.

(mails to info@ibra2023.de).

IBRA News 22.5.22 – The youth meet at IBRA 2023

(Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend e. V.) Within the framework of IBRA 2023 in Essen, the German Philatelic Youth will hold a youth meeting from 26 to 29 May 2023 (Whit Monday). All young stamp enthusiasts from Germany and all over the world are cordially invited to attend.

Participants will have the opportunity to slip into the role of a miner at the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein during the “Colliery Shift” in the “Join-in Colliery”. In the renovated wagon circuit of the 1/2/8 shaft, the young stamp enthusiasts will experience how the miners used to work at the colliery in the original setting.

13 stations seek teamwork, with everyone lending a hand. With all their senses, children and adults alike experience how hard the work used to be and learn that when the team works well together, no task is too difficult.

Another highlight planned is an excursion to Dortmund. And what comes to mind when you think of Dortmund and the Ruhr area? Of course: football!

On a guided tour of the German Football Museum, around 1,600 exhibits and a total of 25 hours of film material can be discovered on the interactive and multimedia tour. The 3D cinema, the treasure chamber with the most important trophies, a reporter’s booth and much more will make fan hearts beat faster. The exhibition experience ends with active recreation at the arena game modules in the museum basement.

At the IBRA party on Saturday evening, people will then party together. In addition, there will be plenty of time to visit the exhibition and the IBRA youth area. Who will win the most lots at the IBRA auction?

Overnight accommodation will be in shared rooms at the youth hostel in Essen-Werden. The cost of accommodation in a shared room with breakfast and dinner is 185 € for children and 195 € for adults (including 35 € for the social programme and transfer). Double and single rooms can be booked for an extra charge on request.

Registrations – also for the social programme only – are possible from now until 31 January 2023. A registration form can be downloaded here on the DPhJ homepage.

IBRA News 25.4.2022 – Frank Blechschmidt on the board of the IBRA 2023 organising committee

(Kül-BDPh/pcp) BDPh Vice President Frank Blechschmidt has been appointed to the Presidium of the Organising Committee of the International Stamp Exhibition IBRA 2023 in Essen. This was announced by BDPh President Alfred Schmidt and Commissioner General Walter Bernatek at a meeting of the IBRA core team.

As Commissioner responsible for Germany, Blechschmidt will increasingly look after German collectors and work closely with Commissioner General Bernatek. Blechschmidt has organised and conducted numerous exhibitions in the past. He is also an exhibitor and a juror.

IBRA News 29.3.22 – New hall planning for IBRA 2023

(AIJP/wm-pcp) In deviation from the text of the printed version of INFO 2 on IBRA, the hall planning has been reconsidered and changed in recent weeks. This was prompted on the one hand by the desire for more flexibility, and on the other hand by Messe Essen’s efforts to obtain additional adjacent space in Hall 3 for another trade fair taking place at the same time. IBRA is now benefiting from this to a special extent, because it will now be held in Hall 7 instead of Hall 2 (IBRA Hall) and 8 instead of Hall 1 (Trade Fair Hall). The “icing on the cake” is not only a newly built impressive and large access area, which alone offers space for more than 500 people, but also a number of so-called “side rooms”, in which not only the jury, commissioners and organisational management will find their place, but also the so-called FORUM PHILATELY of the Consilium Philatelicum, in which renowned speakers from various countries will invite you to presentations and lectures. Furthermore, it is being examined whether – in contrast to Halls 1 + 2 – rooms for meetings of ArGe etc. are also possible.

Further plus points: The underground runs directly to Hall 8 (station: Essen Ost), so the entrance to the exhibition hall as well as to the Gruga Park are immediately accessible after a few metres. In addition to the Philately Centre, the IBRA hall will contain the Treasury, an attractive literature reading area, stands of the libraries and working groups, special shows and, of course, the numerous stamp exhibits from all over the world. Deviating from the planning for 2021, special shows on the topic of “100 Years of Hyperinflation in Germany” as well as the German-American Salon of the BDPh and the Germany Philatelic Society (GPS) have now already been determined.