"The crown jewel
of philately!"


The highlight of the Rarity cabinet at IBRA 2023 is the legendary "Bordeaux Letter" with the 1p and 2p stamps of the famous Mauritius POST OFFICE stamps. The valuable letter, provided by the lender via the company Richard Borek in Braunschweig, is today estimated at a market value of up to 6 million euros.

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Here you can register a frame exhibit or a literature exhibit for the IBRA 2023.

BDPh exhibitors should send the filled application to the National Commissioner, Frank Blechschmidt. Email BDPh.Kommissar[at]IBRA2023.de

Exhibitors outside BDPh should send their application to the responsible National Commissioner. To find out who that is go to OVERVIEW --> NATIONAL COMMISSIONERS. He or she will also be happy to answer your questions around IBRA 2023.

Exhibit Application Form 2023

The Individual Exhibition Conditions (IREX) for IBRA 2023 can be found here.

Here you will find the list of exhibitors of the collection in time for IBRA 2023.