Most expensive
letter in the world!


The highlight of the Treasure chamber at IBRA 2023 is the legendary "Bordeaux Letter" with the 1p and 2p stamps of the famous Mauritius POST OFFICE stamps. The valuable letter, provided by the lender via the company Richard Borek in Braunschweig, is today estimated at a market value of up to 6 million euros.

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Most expensive letter

in the world

The letter was franked on 4 October 1847 with one blue and one red Mauritius each and given up in Port Louis/Mauritius, transported further by ship around the Cape of Good Hope to England and then further to France. On 28 December 1847, after 85 days, the letter reached its destination, the wine shop Duncan & Lurgnie in Bordeaux, via Paris. There the letter remained unnoticed for 55 years in the archives, until it was discovered by a French schoolboy browsing the company correspondence. The so-called "Bordeaux Letter" changed hands several times: well-known names such as Theodore Lemaire, Alfred F. Lichtenstein, Arthur Hind, Maurice Burrus and Hiroyuki Kanai are to be mentioned.