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1. Championship Class:

2A. Traditional Philately: Germany (National Class):

2B. Traditional Philately: Europe:

2C. Traditional Philately: America:

2D. Traditional Philately: Asia, Oceania and Africa:

3A. Postal History: Germany (National Class):

3B. Postal History: Europe:

3C. Postal History: America:

3D. Postal History: Asia, Oceania and Africa:

4. Postal Stationery:

5. Aerophilately:

6. Astrophilately:

7A. Thematic Philately: Nature:

7B. Thematic Philately: Culture:

7C. Thematic Philately: Technology:

8. Maximaphily:

9. Revenue:

10. Modern Philately (1980 to date):

11. Open Philately:

12. Picture Postcards:

13A. One Frame Exhibit: Traditional:

13B. One Frame Exhibit: Postal History:

13C. One Frame Exhibit: Postal Stationery:

13F. One Frame Exhibit: Thematic:

13G. One Frame Exhibit: Maximaphily:

13H. One Frame Exhibit: Revenue:

13I. One Frame Exhibit: Open Philately:

13J. One Frame Exhibit: Picture Postcards:

14A. Youth Philately:10-15 years old (TH):

14B. Youth Philately:16-18 years old (TH):

14C. Youth Philately:19-21 years old (TH):

14D. Youth Philately:10-15 years old (TR):

14E. Youth Philately: 16-18 years old (TR):

14F. Youth Philately: 19-21 years old (TR):

15A. Philatelic Literature: Monographs, special catalogues and special studies of primarily investigative research nature (published since 2018):