Federal Chancellor
Olaf Scholz

Dear Collectors,

Stamps are first and foremost official postage stamps, but they are also much more that. They are often little works of art, sent into the world as ambassadors of their country, telling stories of famous places and landscapes, about significant personalities of contemporary history, art, and culture or great achievements in science and technology.

Thus, philately – collecting stamps – is always a trip to other worlds. It is a hobby that has a long tradition, and it educates and connects people. It brings together collectors with those who are interested, like it will do at the IBRA 2023 World Exhibition in Essen. I am very pleased that, after many years, this beautiful exhibition can take place in Germany again. For that I would like to thank the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V., and the entire organizational team.

I wish you and your guests from all over the world successful exhibition days and stimulating conversations during IBRA 2023!

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz 2022
Photo: Federal Government/Thomas Köhler