Wide range of dealers.
The commercial part of IBRA 2023 is the traditional Essen International Stamp Fair, which has been taking place since 1976, making it the oldest trade fair in the world. In 2023, the 33rd edition will be held in its own hall. More than 150 specialist dealers, auctioneers, accessory manufacturers, publishers, postal administrations and agencies are expected to attend.

FIP World Exhibition.
IBRA is held under the patronage of the FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie). The competitive exhibition is thus the world championship of philately for the year 2023. In over 2,800 frames, the best exhibitors and philatelists from all over the world will show their treasures and demonstrate their knowledge. The participants receive prizes in medal ranks and the very best compete for the Grand Prix. The FIP has 15 different exhibition classes for this purpose. At IBRA, all classes are represented: FIP Championship Class, Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Thematic, Maximaphily, Revenue, Modern Philately (1980 to date), Open Philately, Picture Postcards, One Frame Exhibits, Youth Philately and Philatelic Literature.

Special Shows.
The special shows are a bit like the salt in the soup of every stamp exhibition. For IBRA in Essen, the bar must not be set too low. Among other things, the Bordeaux cover bearing a franking with a blue and a red Mauritius is the philatelic world sensation par excellence. The special show “100 Years of Hyperinflation” takes up a highly explosive topic that gives German philately something unique and attracts attention far beyond its borders. The programme is rounded off by the “German-American Salon”, which shows selected exhibits from the USA and Germany.

Center of Philately.
At the Centre of Philately, the work of the BDPh and its member organisations will come alive and be tangible. Here you can meet, get advice or simply have a chat among like-minded people. You can meet the management of the BDPh, find out about the youth work of the DPhJ, talk to representatives of the Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarken-Versteigerer, buy the exhibition catalogue and commemorative printed matter, or get advice from BDPh-members. In addition, there will be a unique show of rarities in 15 display cases on the theme “From the first collectors, dealers, clubs, associations, exhibitions to the present day”.

Literature Area.
Philately is all about knowledge and exploration. There are still things left to be discovered and the knowledge about philately is growing and growing. All this would be unthinkable without philatelic literature. That is why IBRA has a large literature section. Here you can get information, meet authors and experts. There is enough time and space to browse for yourself. The importance of the literature section is underpinned by the patronage of the AIJP (Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatélique), which also organises the literature section.

ArGe stands.
German philately lives from local societies and study groups (“ArGe”). There are almost 100 working groups organised in the BDPh, which cultivate the professional exchange around their respective collecting area in Germany, in the entire German-speaking area and often beyond. The separate area with the ArGe stands has been a tradition in Essen for many years. IBRA 2023 will again offer a meeting place with collector friends. Perhaps it will even be possible to network with one or another international guest.

Youth activities of the DPhJ.
In order to keep philately alive in the future, we need young people. In Germany, the youth and thus the next generation of philatelists are organised in the German Philatelic Youth (DPhJ). At IBRA there is a separate section for the youth with a wide range of activities. In addition, an international youth meeting is organised, where participants also get to know the Ruhr region better. Youth work is important and youth work needs solidarity and commitment. This means that the youth section of IBRA is also something for adults. Drop by and find out how you can support youth work.

IBRA is a meeting place for all collectors and philatelists. There is a lecture programme for you on a wide variety of topics with experienced philatelists and international experts. The wide-ranging programme is aimed at all interested parties from beginners to specialists.

Souvenir programme and more.
Deutsche Post is issuing a special stamp especially for IBRA. Nothing is known about the design yet, so you can be curious for a while. There will also be a small programme of special stamps (Marke Individual) and commemorative printed matter. Of course, we will inform you in time.

... and much more ....
Even though this list is already long, we are not at the end. There are still many other activities. Among others, autograph sessions with athletes, the opportunity to talk to stamp artists or the signing ceremony of the “Roll of Distinguished Philatelists”, which will take place in Essen in 2023.