IBRA News 06.03.2023 – The European Academy of Philately (AEP) is also on board

(wm-pcp) The idea of founding a European Academy of Postal Historical Studies to bring together philatelic experts, stamp collectors as well as dealers, catalogue authors, editors-in-chief of specialist journals and presidents of associations and federations came from Jean Storch and Robert Françon. Their intention was to create a forum where authors of postal studies could meet and, if possible, make friends by organising regular events where members could meet for a meal together in different cities in Europe. The aim was to produce a variety of different publications that would keep European collectors up to date with the latest developments and provide reference works for study and research purposes.

In 1978 this Academy was founded and today it has several hundred philatelists from many countries around the world. The current President is Jean Voruz from Switzerland, First Vice President Patrick Maselis from Belgium, Second Vice President Rainer von Scharpen from Germany, Secretary General is Serge Kahn from France and Treasurer is Michel Letaillieur from France. Every year, these members, as well as the AEP Board, participate in important international events. One such event is IBRA 2023 in Essen, which will take place from 25-28 May 2023 in exhibition halls 7 + 8.
The AEP invites its members to a meeting on 27 May from 10-11.30 in Room C of the fair.