IBRA News 06.10.2022 – Deadline for registration of philatelic literature for IBRA 2023 extended until the end of 2022!

(wm-pcp) 114 literature registrations are currently available for the upcoming World Exhibition. This means that the minimum number estimated and requested months ago has been reached. After consultation with Commissioner General Walter Bernatek, it was decided to extend the deadline for applications for the literature competition class until 31 December 2022, similar to other previous World Expos. This is possible without any problems, as the literature and reading section of IBRA had been generously planned from the outset. A good and informative overview of this can be found on the website https://ibra2023.de/programm/literaturbereich.

Monographs, journals, catalogues, but also digital exhibits such as internet pages and much more can be exhibited. The regulations can be read at https://ibra2023.de/ausstellung/ausstellungsreglement. IBRA 2023 also shows itself to be innovative and collector-oriented in this respect: only a fee of 50 euros is payable per exhibit and only one copy of each printed exhibit is to be submitted. This means that the event now also offers other interested authors and publishers the opportunity to submit works that are currently in the pipeline.