IBRA News 20.01.2023 – IBRA 2023 with a record number of international trade!

(wm-pcp) What will take place from 25-28 May 2023 in Exhibition Hall 8 in Essen is likely to remind many of earlier times, when the International Stamp Fairs in Essen were downright „bear raging“! At this year’s 33rd fair, which is being organised together with the world exhibition IBRA 2023, this is once again the case. More than 100 dealers and postal administrations will offer their philatelic treasures on almost 4,000 square metres. With stands of 22 postal administrations, the hall offers a worldwide spectrum ranging from the Fiji Islands to numerous European countries. The centrepiece, of course, is Deutsche Post’s large stand, around which are grouped some 20 postal companies representing the most popular European collecting areas.

Equally impressive is the number and range of offerings from the international stamp trade. Of course, there are numerous important auction companies from Europe and overseas, renowned dealers in rarities from Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany, but also many dealers in letters and stamps, who offer a great variety of small-priced sought-after material at reasonable prices. There is something for everyone and it should not be difficult to find long sought-after material.

With this abundance, IBRA 2023 is clearly different from the big exhibitions, even the world exhibitions of the past year. Even in London, Lugano or Cape Town, the trade offer was quite clear. You should plan more than one day for food and prepare well in advance whose stand you want to visit. This is made easier by the early publication of the list of traders, which can be viewed at www.ibra2023.de or at https://www.briefmarkenmesse-essen.de/_messe/messe/aussteller/ already now – more than four months before the event opens. The stand numbers are also already mentioned there, so that one can easily find one’s way around the hall plan that will be published in a few weeks.