IBRA News 23.03.2023 – Festive evening / Palmarès

(wm-pcp) One of the biggest problems the IBRA team had to solve was not only the organisation of the festive evening on 27 May, but also the search for a suitable ‘hall’. For IBRA, which was originally scheduled to take place in 2021 but was then postponed, as is well known, the ‘Europa’ hall at Messe Essen had been envisaged, which could have accommodated up to 630 people, depending on the type of tables. In view of the world political situation, however, such a hall seemed far too large until six months ago, so that the decision was made to change to a smaller hall. The advance booking orders received since autumn 2022 also ruined this change of plans, so that in mid-March they were still lucky that the aforementioned ‘Europa’ hall was still free, which is now firmly booked.

Nevertheless, by 10 March more than 500 of the maximum possible 630 tickets for the festival evening had already been allocated. The remaining tickets will be available from April 1st 2023 via the IBRA 2023 website. A rapid sell-out is foreseeable, so all companies represented with a stand at IBRA, but also all other interested parties, are advised to act quickly.