Youth Action Centre

"Young stamp enthusiasts have friends all over the world" - this is the motto of the Youth Action Centre at IBRA 2023 (from 25 to 28 May 2023 at Messe Essen). This will be the meeting place for all young stamp enthusiasts from all over the world. And the best thing is: the action guarantee will be there!

What can you experience in the Youth Action Centre in Hall 7?

The Youth Action Centre at the IBRA action area in Essen will feature a balance between philately and games + fun. The philatelic area will encourage both newcomers and beginners, but also advanced children and young people. The following activities are planned by the Oberhausen Youth Group (as of February 2023):

  • Stamp pool with unredeemed stamps.
  • Phila treasure chest: Children receive an album and tweezers and can choose both from motive as well as from country albums desired stamps free of charge.
  • Guessing competition: "How many stamps are in the jar on display?" - Participation gift and prize for the first three places.
  • Explore IBRA and answer questions about the exhibition, trade and postal administrations" - Participation gift.
  • Play area: "Play + have fun with large games".
  • Exhibition tours: Explanations of youth class collections.
  • Stamp long throw: participation gift and prize for the first three places.
  • Exhibitor supervision: Supervisors of the Hamburg Youth Group, Simeon Hamm, give instructions on exhibit structure, outline and sheet design.
  • Writing letters: Children write to friends and relatives. Instructions, franking and handing over for stamping at the post office.
  • Infostand of the youth group Oberhausen with voucher sale.