Seminar series

for exhibitors

Fit4IBRA: The design of an exhibition collection is the focus of the BDPh online seminars in the winter half-year 2022/23.

With IBRA 2023 in Essen, the "World Philatelic Championships" will be held in Germany again next year for the first time in a long time. Such an event is also a challenge. One goal is to show as many great exhibits as possible and to get good ratings. All those who have an exhibition collection themselves know: you can always do something better. IBRA 2023 is an incentive for the BDPh to hold the BDPh Online Seminars in the winter semester 2022/23 under the motto "Fit4IBRA" or in German "Fit für die IBRA" on the topic "Designing an Exhibition Collection".

The lectures will take place online starting in December 2022. The goal is a foray through the various exhibition classes of traditional philately, on postal history, postal stationery, subject matter and the still new Open Class. Speakers will be experienced philatelists, exhibitors and jurors from German-speaking countries and around the world. The majority of the presentations will be in German, but some international speakers will present in English. So far Alfred Schmidt, Ralph Ebner, Iva Mouritsen, Jean Voruz, Joachim Maas, and in English Sandeep Jaiswal and Larry Haber have confirmed their participation. With Prof. Henrik Mouritsen, RDP, we have succeeded in attracting a world-renowned, experienced and innovative exhibitor as "Philatelic Director".

In addition to questions concerning the design and optimization of exhibits, many philatelic topics will of course be covered. Therefore, participation is sure to be of interest to non-exhibitors, beginners and those who are interested. Participation in the online seminars is open to all interested parties and free of charge. As before, registration will take place via Eventbrite. It is possible to register for individual seminars. In addition, it is also possible to register for the entire seminar series en bloc.

An overview of the topics and all registration information can be found here at the BDPh (in German).