IBRA News 01.02.2023 – The organising team publishes the programme for the World Exhibition in Essen!

(wm-pcp) Almost four months before IBRA 2023, the World Exhibition to be held in Essen on 25-28 May by the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten in cooperation with Jan Billion, organiser of the 33rd International Stamp Fair, the organising team has already announced the overall programme for the event. There has hardly ever been anything like it!

The official programme:
The programme is divided into three overviews. On the one hand, there is the so-called “Official Programme”, which lists not only the opening hours but also numerous highlights. Some receptions or evening dinners are by invitation only, others – for example the festive evening, but also various coach tours – can be booked in a few weeks via the website www.ibra2023.de. Here, too, as always: first come, first served. If there are any remaining tickets, they will be available during IBRA at the Philately Centre in Hall 7.
more at: https://ibra2023.de/en/programm-en/gesamtprogramm-en/

IBRA 2023: The programme of the IBRA stage in the glass foyer:
(wm-pcp) The IBRA stage awaits visitors as early as 11 a.m. on 25 May 2023 for the opening ceremony. Afterwards, it will be the focal point of numerous presentations by renowned experts on various exciting topics. The IBRA stage is located in the so-called glass foyer in front of the entrance to Hall 8 (Trade Fair Hall of Commerce) and up to 100 visitors can be seated there so that they can relax and listen to the speakers. After all, there are 18 lectures on the four exhibition days, as a rule probably digitally illustrated, which also take up the completely unusual.
more at: https://ibra2023.de/en/programm-en/programm-ibra-buehne-en/

IBRA 2023: The technical programme of the CPh Forum Philately:
(wm-pcp) CPh is the acronym of the Consilium Philatelicum, which, in keeping with IBRA 2023, was able to organise a specialist programme of special topics thanks to the support of philatelists from Germany and abroad. A total of 20 lectures / presentations were held. The majority will be held in German, some also in English. The topics are aimed specifically at more advanced philatelists or those who want to enter a new field or deepen their existing knowledge. All these lectures can be heard in room F, which is easily accessible on the ground floor of the event and offers space for about 50 visitors.
more at: https://ibra2023.de/en/programm-en/vortragsprogramm-cph-forum-en/

A recommendation:
Visitors to IBRA 2023 can only be advised to find out about these programmes early on and to make a note of what they want to see and when. The parallelism of different offerings does not make such decisions easy, but not everyone is interested in each.
As far as the IBRA 2023 festive evening, the so-called palmarès, is concerned, the good advice is: only a quick decision will secure you the place you want. This is because there are only about 200 tickets available for open sale due to the limited hall space. Urgent advance orders should be addressed to Reinhard Küchler, info@bdph.de. If there are any tickets left, they will be available from 1 April in the IBRA shop at www.ibra.de.
The general rule for all programmes is: Subject to change.