IBRA News 07.05.2023 – “MARKENZEICHEN” appears with an IBRA 2023 special!

(wm-pcp) This issue of the philatelic magazine from Heinrich Köhler, Wiesbaden, is entirely dedicated to the world exhibition IBRA 2023, but especially to the appearance and offers of the auction house. For example, a “groundbreaking innovation in philately”, the ProFi (Provenance Finder), which will be seen in action in Essen from 25 to 28 May, is described in more detail for the first time. Using search queries or image recognition for originals, the digital archive provides provenance information (images, descriptions, surcharges, etc.) from more than 100 years of auction history in a matter of seconds. And this not only for top rarities, but also for objects in the mid three- or four-digit range. At present, there are already about 1.5 million data records available; by the end of 2024, there should already be 4 million data records, which will then shed more light on the “development history” of special pieces.

The VSC 8000 on the stand of the auction house Heinrich Köhler is similarly innovative and the ultimate in quality inspections. It can be used to make everything visible on original originals that UV to infrared can see far better than the human eye. Damage of all kinds, but also the authenticity of an object for comparison.

The collection “Germany since 1872”, which will be auctioned in a special Erivan auction on 24 May, is the subject of a contribution, as is the Hiroshima letter, which will find a new owner on that day. Further articles report on the special show “German Inflation”, but also on the “Treasury room” with its German world rarities as well as the “Germania Show” in the Treasury and the book programme of the house and – last but not least – ‘IBRA Chief Organiser’ Alfred Schmidt, President of the BDPh and a top international exhibitor, is introduced.

How extensively Auktionshaus Heinrich Köhler is involved in this world exhibition is not only made clear by the activities mentioned above (for the company was directly involved in organising, supporting and promoting them), but also by the overview of lectures on the third cover page. This, too, has probably never been done before to this extent.

This issue 01/2023 with its 28 pages is excellently produced, written and illustrated, so that we can only recommend everyone to order a copy in advance or to take it with them at the IBRA in Essen at the stand of the auction house in Hall 8. Contact: Auktionshaus Heinrich Köhler, Hasengartenstr. 25, 65189 Wiesbaden, Tel. 06 11/34 14 90, E-Mail: info[at]heinrich-koehler.de