IBRA News 14.04.2023 – Stamp collecting is fun

(esc-bdph) Stamp collecting is fun, stamp collecting educates and invites research, stamp collecting connects. These points unite the essence of our hobby and are the basis for the motif of Deutsche Post’s special stamp on the occasion of IBRA, which will be issued on 4 May 23. For once, such a stamp does not show another stamp or a postal history document but puts us, the collectors, in the centre. The motif shows three people looking at a stamp and being inspired by it. This is exactly what we want to achieve at IBRA: We want to encourage visitors to get excited about stamps and philatelic covers and to share their enthusiasm. The design of the postage stamp and the first day cancel was done by Jan-Niklas Kröger, Bonn. Mr Kröger will be on the IBRA stage on Thursday, 25.5.23, from 15-15:45h and will be available to answer questions. The stamp has a value of 85 cents.

Source: Bundesministerium für Finanzen