IBRA News 14.11.2022 – IBRA 2023: The Countdown is Running

(esc) On the last day of the international FIP exhibition in Capetown, the FIP flag has been passed to the representatives of the BDPh board and the IBRA organising committee. Alfred Schmidt shows himself delighted, saying: «We are looking forward to bringing the world of philately to Germany and to the city of Essen in May 2023. We have planned a great programme. Everybody is cordially invited to come to Essen.»

The countdown clock shows that there were 193 days left on 12th November until the start of IBRA 2023. There is still much to do for the organisational team. Yet, the joy grows every day.

The day before, Alfred Schmidt had been given the Grand Prix Interna tional for his exhibit «Prussia – The first three issues». Having both, the flag and the Grand Prix on board, the journey to Essen is sure to be even more fun now.

Alfred Schmidt, Reinaldo Macedo, and Walter Bernatek presenting the FIP flag.
Alfred Schmidt shines. The Grand Prix International whets the appetite for the next competition in Essen.