IBRA News 14.11.2022 – IBRA 2023: IBRA Youth Meeting: „We join!“

(woe) „We join“, DPhJ leader of Munich, Markus Vester, is pleased to annonce. What does he mean by that? „Our youth group has just registered for the IBRA youth meeting“, the Bavarian youth group leader explains. The meeting is going to take place parallel to the IBRA world exhibition from 25 to 28 of May 2023 in Essen.

There will be a lot on offer for all young at heart people: besides visiting the youth center, and, as a matter of course, attending the IBRA, there will be highlights every day, such as the legendary Phila fete, and great trips: for Saturday afternoon a visit to the famous Zollverein colliery ist planned, guided by the company Zechenschicht. On Sunday, a trip to the German Football Museum in Dortmund is on the agenda. „The programme is very entertaining. It has convinced us“, Markus Vester continues.

„I´m looking forward to being reunited with all mein DPhJ friends at the youth meeting“, Jonas Vester, member of the Munich youth group, says. Besides this, Jonas would like to present his exhibit `Der Wettlauf zum Mond (orig.: Space Race)´ at the IBRA and is already curious about the opinion of the jury. By the way, there will be a special award ceremony for the youth on the IBRA podium on Sunday, 28th May, organised by the IBRA team.

The IBRA youth meeting is organised by the DPhJ (German Philatelic youth) with support from Förderkreis Junger Briefmarkenfreunde (support group of young stamp collectors). Accommodation is possible in shared rooms in the youth hostel Essen-Werden for 145 Euro for adolescent DPhJ youth members, respectively, 195 Euro for adults.

How to take part? Registration is quick and easy, Markus Vester explains. The registration form, as well as a detailled schedule, you can find on https://www.dphj.de/ibra