IBRA News 23.11.2022 – BDPh meeting in Cape Town with IBRA-FIP coordinator Reinaldo Maceido

Photo: BDPh_FIP_Consultant.jpg – From left: Walter Bernatek, Alfred Schmidt, Dr. Wolfgang Leupold in conversation with FIP coordinator Reinaldo Macedo. Photo: Wolfgang Maassen
(wm-pcp) It is becoming increasingly clear that IBRA 2023 will be a very unusual event. On 12 November 2022, representatives of the BDPh board and the IBRA presidium – Alfred Schmidt and Walter Bernatek, accompanied by Dr Wolfgang Leupold – met with Reinaldo Macedo, the responsible FIP coordinator, to discuss jury appointments and other issues. Due to the expanded exhibit acceptance, it was necessary to appoint more jurors than originally planned, for which the BDPh board had already submitted proposals, which were approved and supplemented by Reinaldo Macedo. These will now be submitted to the FIP board and the individual jurors, respectively, so that it can be expected that the appointments will be determined at the beginning of 2023 and published shortly afterwards.

The Grand Prix Club and its members will present individual objects in approximately 10-12 frames at IBRA 2023, all of which are distinguished by noteworthy rarity and uniqueness.

A FIP Jury Academy is also being considered, which could perhaps take place a few days before the start of IBRA 2023 in Essen. Interested FIP jurors will then have the opportunity for further training on the basis of exemplary exhibits in a 34 framework. Such a project already marks IBRA as an exhibition where the world will be a guest in Essen.