"The crown jewel
of philately!"


The highlight of the Rarity cabinet at IBRA 2023 is the legendary "Bordeaux Letter" with the 1p and 2p stamps of the famous Mauritius POST OFFICE stamps. The valuable letter, provided by the lender via the company Richard Borek in Braunschweig, is today estimated at a market value of up to 6 million euros.

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IBRA 2023 is an international world stamp exhibition with patronage of the FIP and recognition by FEPA. Up to 2800 frames are available for qualified collections in all competition classes.

In addition, special shows on various focal themes are planned.

At the same time, the 33st International Stamp Fair Essen will take place, which is expected to attract around 150 postal administrations or their agencies, dealers, auction houses and manufacturers.

Numerous information stands from study groups will provide a deeper insight into the subject matter.