IBRA News 12.6.2022 – Competition exhibition, participation of ArGen, special shows

(Eric Scherer) In the meantime, the IBRA organising committee is working at full speed and the programme is gaining in shape more and more. Just take a look at the IBRA homepage. There are changes almost every week.

Here are the most important topics:

Competition exhibition:

The registration deadline is not until the end of September 2022, but according to the motto “the sooner the better”, the OC is already looking forward to receiving registrations. For all exhibitors who have not yet qualified, Naposta Online still offers a unique opportunity here.

Participation of ArGen:

As always at the stamp fairs in Essen, Sindelfingen and Ulm, IBRA offers the possibility for ArGen to present themselves at tables. The tables are provided for a handling fee of EUR 150 and are heavily subsidised. There is still enough space to register.

Special shows:

Special shows give every competition exhibition a special glance once again.

Several special shows are planned for IBRA. Among others, there will be a “Philatelic Treasure Trove”, where unique pieces from all over the world will be on display. The special show “100 Years of High Inflation” will present a topic that has made philately in Germany unique to this day. There will also be a “German-American Salon”.

Youth programme:

In cooperation with the DPhJ there are numerous youth activities. These have already been presented separately in this thread.

Support programme:

An exhibition like this is unfortunately a deficit programme. That is why IBRA needs sponsors. The sponsorship programme starts with small amounts so that everyone can participate.