IBRA News 23.6.2022 – Contact point for all participants – the “PHILATELY CENTRE” (ZENTRUM PHILATELIE)

(wm-pcp) As the name indicates, the “Zentrum Philatelie”, well known from all previous major fairs and many exhibitions, has always been the presence of the BDPh and the associations cooperating with it. This centre is, of course, also planned for next year’s IBRA 2023. Thanks to a concept and initial design drawing, planned details are now already foreseeable.

The “Philately Centre” will be located directly next to the spacious reading and literature area of IBRA 2023 behind the passage from Hall 8 (Hall of Trade) to Hall 7, precisely between two shorter staircases leading to the trade fair´s restaurant. Before refreshing themselves there, So everyone can take a short break and see what the associations have to offer. And that’s no small feat! For example, the exhibition catalogue as well as commemorative printed matter (postcards, envelopes, individual stamps, etc.) are available at the IBRA stand. At the front BDPh stand you can talk to the management of the association, of course you can also buy the “philatelie” as well as the BDPh book “75 Years BDPh” (2021) or other publications that are currently being prepared. The DPhJ presents the “Young Collector (Junge Sammler)” and its website, the Federal Association of German Stamp Auctioneers its free comprehensive brochure (BDB Journal) on the subject of “Auctions” with valuable tips for consignors and buyers. The stand on the right is an advisory stand of the BDPh where representatives of the “Advice Centre for Collector Protection and Counterfeit Detection” are ready with advice and assistance on counterfeit detection and more.

Wasn´t there something else? Yes, a first-ever and unique exhibition of rarities in 15 showcases on the theme “From the first collectors, dealers, clubs, associations and exhibitions to the present day”, with a lot to see (e.g. a letter from the first proven German collector). On 90 exhibition sheets you can let rarities and curiosities, but also highlights of German (association and club) philately of the last 150 and more years pass by. Look and enjoy – it’s worth it!