IBRA News 26.6.2022 – IBRA 2023 in Essen: The APHV joins in!

(wm-pcp) At the APHV General Meeting on 18 June 2022 in Bonn, President Wolfgang Lang introduced IBRA and already outlined the support that the dealers’ association intends to give to the World Fair in Essen with advertising and reporting in the APHV magazine and in its newsletters, with invitations to its members to participate, but also with direct promotion of the very area that is of particular importance for the trade as well as for philately as a whole in Germany: the youth sector. He also called for cooperation between the accessory publishers and IBRA 2023, because only together we can achieve greater things in times that are not easy.

The APHV will not have its own stand at the exhibition or trade fair this time, but will have a joint stand with the Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarken-Versteigerer (BDB) in the “Zentrum Philatelie” “Philately Centre”. This follows the wise insight that, on the one hand, almost all APHV board members are represented with their own stands in the area of the International Stamp Fair, but a singular “distribution stand” would not do justice to the APHV’s concern either. The customary assessment (“valuation”) of the collections brought by visitors can be carried out both at the BPP stand (in the exhibition hall) and by the advisory team in the “Philately Centre”; not to mention the numerous specialist dealers in the exhibition. The advantage for the APHV is that it can use its resources for the benefit of the future of philately.

You can see that: The associations, especially the BDB and the APHV, are working well together and the coming months will show how productive this can be for a world exhibition.