IBRA News 28.06.2022 – IBRA 2023 in Essen: Helpers wanted!

(Thomas Höpfner) IBRA 2023 will take place in Essen from 25 to 28 May – that’s still a long time away. Nevertheless, we have already started planning the personnel requirements. There are many places where help or even personal presence is needed. Above all, inserting and dismantling the exhibits is a “huge task” considering the 2,800 frames that IBRA will show.

And this is where you come in: register as a helper by email at Helfer@ibra2023.de and let us know when you are available and what task(s) you are interested in. We have listed the areas of work with working times and task descriptions for you:


Period Work area Task description
22.5.23 Frame erection, Supervision of frame erection according to
hall plan, recording of damage cases
23-24.5.23 Inserting exhibits, key service
25-28.5.23 Stand service, support of the IBRA team, e.g. BDPh stand, sales stand for IBRA catalogue and covers, e.g. support of the commissioners, assistance Forum for Philately
28-29.5.23 Dismantling exhibits, key service
30.5.23 Supervising the dismantling of frames, recording of damage


If you sign up as a helper, we will first register you and confirm this by email. Towards the end of this year, we will begin to assign all helpers to their respective areas of responsibility. At that time, the IBRA team member responsible for the respective area will contact you. Before that, you can of course ask questions or request further information.

You are welcome to inform yourself about IBRA on our homepage www.ibra2023.de – there you will also find the call for helpers as well as any further news about the helpers.

Thomas Höpfner, IBRA Team