IBRA News of 26 July 2022: Great demand for working groups and a new Gold Sponsor

(wm-pcp) As Günther Korn announced at an IBRA PP presentation on 23 July 2022 in Bonn, the space available at IBRA to be allocated to study groups is almost completely booked up. “In the last few weeks, another 20 bookings, some of them for large stands of the study groups, have been added, so that we have now reached the figure of 50. We had hoped for this considerable number, but did not really expect it,” Korn emphasised. However, he left open the possibility of even more, in case more working and research communities come forward. “We still have capacities, but this space is not directly visible because it is behind the exhibition frames. We’ll see if something else can be done there.”

Korn’s presentation was an important piece of information for the participants in Bonn, especially as he once again referred to the registration deadlines that expire at the end of September and the need for early hotel bookings. And, he had a surprise in store: Dr Heinz Jaeger, the 98-year-old Honorary President of the BDPh and the Consilium Philatelicum, has agreed to support IBRA 2023 as a Gold Sponsor. If this isn´t a sign!